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A $300 deposit will reserve your puppy by litter and sex.

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Puppies must be paid in full 10 days prior to being shipped.
All puppies are sold as companions, with limited registration, (non-breeding) unless stated in writing by the breeder.
Money order or cash unless otherwise arranged.

No guarantee of coat color/length, breeding abilities, ofa grade. Any returning of a puppy is at full the responsibility of the owner and shall be at no cost to the breeder.

Picking your puppy - Picking order works on first deposit getting first pick. When it is time to pick your puppy we ask that you respect others that may not have first picking. All picking of your puppy should be complete by no later than the puppy being 5 weeks of age as we will not hold back others that also have deposits placed after 5 weeks for them to make their preference on their pick. The best would be if you can come view and pick your puppy but we understand that distance makes this unlikely for most to do so , this is why we send out many pictures and ask for your preference.

It is the responsibility of the buyer to keep in contact with the breeder. If the breeder loses contact with the buyer and the breeder has made every effort to regain contact with the buyer, but to no avail, the puppy will then go back up for sale and any moneys will become non refundable.

Any puppy not picked up by 9 weeks of age will be put back up for sale.
All payments will be forfeited.

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